Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Club News

Latest is:
The Wolves League team lost 4-2 to Bushbury. We had no wins but draws came from Trevor, Dave, Colin and Iain. Bushbury are a useful side, probably outgrading us on most boards but, even so, that is the first occasion this season when the team has lost to a team whose name does not start with a 'W',
Good luck to the D team, playing away to Oswestry B tomorrow. We have a full team, I believe, and only narrowly lost to Oswestry early in the season, mainly through inexperience,
Good luck to the A team, at home to Telepost B on Wednesday,
The B team's match against Wellington has been postponed again. Stefan told me the revised date earlier this evening, but I've forgotten it,
The end to my game against Graham Shepherd has aroused a lot of interest, with many comments both by email and over the phone following the Shropshire Star coverage last week. On the night, we adopted the most sensible approach, in that both players wrote down the position at the point Graham claimed a draw, before resuming with an observer from each team. Indeed that approach was encouraged by Colin, who was League Controller when this type of situation was first envisaged. However, although FIDE rules cover the circumstances their solution is impractical as it invoves post-match arbitration and our Shropshire League rules provide no guidance whatsoever. Colin is right in saying that the League decided captains or competent players should act as arbiters on the night but maybe we should have something in the League rules. As for the game, a number of people have asked for a note of the position when Graham stopped the clocks. Unfortunately I didn't take my note of it away with me and am trying to reconstruct it from my scoresheet,

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Wrekin Congress

Thanks to everyone who entered. With a total entry of 107 the trend of reducing numbers has been turned around and made for a successful weekend. Thanks to Richard Gillespie and Stefan Tennant for helping on the friday night at short notice and to Iain, Windsor and Dave Gostelow (late entries) for their help on the Saturday morning and to anyone who helped set up boards tidied up etc during the event.

In the Premier Trevor Brotherton shared 2nd place with 3.5 points, In the major Geoff Lee shared 2nd with 4 points. Other entries were John Footner, Dave Gostelow, Iain Wilson, Windsor Peck, Stefan Tennant, Paul Broderick, Roger Brown, Jason Kenderdine, Andy Jones, Richard Gillespie. An excellent turnout from the club.

Club News 11th January

I'm very pleased to report that, despite missing 2 regulars, our A team beat Church Stretton A by 4.5 to 0.5. We were helped by our opponents defaulting on board 5 (Sorry, Geoff, for your wasted efforts travelling from work in Shrewsbury to your home near Bridgnorth and back in the fog to Church Stretton). We had no problem fielding a full five, thanks to plenty of volunteers to stand-in (thanks Stefan, Geoff, Windsor and (prior to flu) Gareth).
Karl Wakefield 0 - 1 Trevor
Steve Rooney 1/2 - 1/2 Colin
Graham Shepherd 0 - 1 Iain
John Whittaker 0 - 1 Stefan
Default 0 - 1 Geoff
An interesting situation arose in my game against Graham Shepherd. I was a pawn up and with plenty of time in hand when Graham, down to his last 2 minutes, stopped the clocks and claimed a draw, alleging that I would be unable to force a pawn through to Queen and win. In a tournament we would have been able to call upon a controller to watch the rest of the game and decide whether I was making progress towards a win. Without a controller, the best we could do was to note the board position and for me to record moves meticulously. As a bonus, Colin and Steve agreed a draw so that they could observe the game. The game was resumed, with me quickly capturing a second pawn. Graham's flag fell with the arrival of my new Queen only a few moves away and he duly resigned. But what would have happened if such a clearcut position had not been reached? I think it is only a matter of time before a situation like this is referred to the League Controller.

I won't see most of you this coming Wednesday as I shall probably be in the team playing away to Bushbury,

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Club News - Merry XMas

Well done, club,
Tonight was a night to remember:
First, the Wolves League A team beat Boldmere St. Michaels 5-1, with wins from John, Colin, Iain and Geoff and draws from Trevor and Gareth. Our opponents were not at full strength, but we kept the pressure on all night and played pretty much to form,
In the other match, our 'rookie' D team were away to the 'experienced' Coddon B, the division 3 leaders, and (WAIT FOR IT) won 3.5 - 1.5. Congratulations go to the team, to winners Jason (over George Viszokai), Andy and Neil and to Tim for drawing. Admittedly there was a certain amount of luck in at least 1 game (Neil's opponent responded to a pawn capture and check by offering his congratulations and resigning before Neil realised that his own Rook could apply mate in one). So the D team potentially move into clear 2nd place. I remember Jamie and others back in September talking about winning promotion in the very first year of existence; I know there is a long way to go, but maybe, just maybe.
Don't forget that we close down for Christmas and New Year; the next club night will be on 7th January when our B and C teams play their return match.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Friday, 12 December 2008

More Club News

Next week's Wolves A team away match against Boldmere St. Michaels turns out to be a HOME match, saving us the hassle of finding their venue (somewhere north of spaghetti junction),
So there will definitely be a presence at the club next Wednesday,
Also on Wed 17/12, the D team are away to Div 3 table-toppers Coddon B. As the D team have sneaked into 2nd spot, that could be quite a match. Good luck!
Last night the C team finally scored their first win in Div 2, beating Shrews C 3-2. Well done! They were helped by the addition of Richard Thompson on board 1. Richard had originally been due to play for the A team but with the C team having a last-minute absentee we moved Richard to the C team (as he has not been nominated for a higher team) and Stefan took board 5 for the A team,
The A team resumed winning ways, beating Coddon A 4-1, with Trevor, John and Stefan winning and Colin and Iain drawing. This match was played a week earlier than originally planned to avoid the Boldmere clash and puts us 2 points clear at the top of division 1.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Club News

Hi folks,
It's been a while since I was in touch; don't want you to get bored!
As I'm playing away on 10/12 and 17/12 I won't see most of you for a few weeks, so have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
As Wednesdays fall on 24/12 and 31/12, the club takes a break after 17/12 and re-starts on 7/1/09, with the return match between the B and C teams. If you are in the club on 10/12 or 17/12, can you please make sure that the management know,
Don't forget the Wrekin Congress on Sat 3/1 and Sun 4/1 at Madeley Court Sports Centre; entry forms can be printed off the Shropshire Chess website,
Our Shropshire A team had a hard-fought draw last week against champions Telepost A (and very nearly won),
The B team beat a useful Shrewsbury B team 3-2 to remain on target for promotion,
The C team continues to find life tough in division 2, losing to Newport B,
On the other hand, the D team is finding its feet in division 3, following up its win over Telepost C with a 4-1 victory over Newport Juniors. Wins came from Jason (again), Jamie (a first, well done), Andy and Darren (yet again his opponent was scared off and defaulted),
The B team's match against Wellington has been postponed from this Thursday,
Good luck to the A team away to Coddon and to the C team, at home to Shrewsbury C, both matches on Wed 10/12,
Can't think of a 10th item,

Friday, 5 December 2008

Wolverhampton League

Team Consists of: Trevor Brotherton, John Footner, Dave Gostelow, Glyn Pugh, Colin Roberts, Iain Wilson and Richard Thompson.

Richard Thompson performed a Houdini-act last night. He played on in his adjourned game against Lichfield a pawn down. Soon his opponent had swapped off Knight, Bishop and Rook, but he mishandled an ending of opposite-coloured Bishops to end up with a Rook file pawn which could not be promoted. Draw agreed. Brilliant, Richard,as that gave us the match.
In the Pittaway Cup match, which finished earlier this evening we beat Warley Quinborne 5-3, with wins from Trevor, Iain, Gareth and Geoff and draws from Glyn Pugh and Colin. A fine result, though they were missing a couple of key players.
Unfortunately, Dave has resigned his game against Jana Bellin, meaning that we have lost to Walsall, even if I manage to win my outstanding game.